zaterdag 15 januari 2011

No update

Damn, was supposed to post an update on minecraft today, but woke up late, visited my grandma and then straight to the pub. Sorry guys!

Btw, started a server with a friend (private and we cant get portforwarding to work so cant let anyone join, sorry :(, we are playing via a virtual network (hamachi) so yeah :P)

So I think iĺl just let my old house/castle to be for a while and screencap/record some footage of my multiplayer map!

Sorry for slow update again and stay tuned for more posts!

woensdag 12 januari 2011

YAY Minecraft :D

Made some screenshots, because Minecraft is awesome!

RailRoad to my castle:

RailRoad Station in Castle:

 Upper Levels/Lowers Levels

Upper Levels Mid-Area (Nothing much here yet)

Balcony (Left: Watchtower / Right: Skydome)

Skydome View

Entrance to castle:

When entering:

Main area (again, nothing much here too =/)

Incinerator :D / Entrance to crafting hub + H4x area (Hacked Diamond blocks in a useless room lol)

Crafting Hub Layout

It's not much but haven't been playing this save that often. I'll make sure to post updated pics once I made something more showable than this is :P

Oh, and i've been into Super Meat Boy lately, maybe I'll record me failing on hard levels :D
If you don't know what SMB is, look it up!


So for my first post I want to talk about my school project.
Studying IT at Rotterdam College and project is to make a REALLY basic game in Java.

It's a platformer as basic as it can get and far from finished.
Making it in Greenfoot, a Java editor especially for games.

The trailer isnt finished but got the basic idea [without gameplay footage] done:
You can watch it here:

vrijdag 7 januari 2011

Hello World

Welcome to my blog.

I'll be focusing on games and computers mainly.
Also have an android phone, will be posting about that too.

Stay tuned for updates!